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Jack Henry Clutterbuck...


  1. Hi Jack

    Can you will tell me the next time , when you will have Eurycotis decipiens

    Thanks very much

    (Posted on 2011-04-12 15:02:00 by stef)
  2. Acanthoplus discoidalis observed laying eggs!

    (Posted on 2010-11-13 20:19:00 by jackclutterbuck)
  3. Anthia sexguttata spotted mating!

    (Posted on 2010-11-13 19:50:00 by jackclutterbuck)

Hello and welcome to invertebrates. This site is relativity new and there may be some mistakes, if so then please report them to the site administrator on the ORDER page.. If you need any help with any of your other pets then theres a good chance I can help so please don't hesitate to ask. I am always on the look out for new species, if you have anything for sale then please contact me. I work in a pet shop so if I cant keep the animal at my house then the pet shop will take it, i can offer a reasonable amount for the animals or plants. One more thing is that i MUST state, is that i make no profit from this site, all money i do make goes into housing and feeding the animals. I must also stress that the animals are generally sold as nymphs unless stated otherwise. I must also point out that I am not a professional and I will never claim to be. The animals i sell are either captive bred by myself or sent to me through forums and similiar methods, if they are not captive bred then please email me and I'll give you the infomation on the creatures. Due to the fact that i breed most of the stock myself, it is difficult to keep a large number of animals in stock. although stock levels change all the time so check back every now and then. Apologies to any of my previous customers, but CREEPY CRAWLIES is now INVERTEBRATES. If you find any mistakes with this website then plese report it to me using the order page. Thankyou and Take Care.

Business card

Most Wanted.

1-Wellington Tree Weta (Hemideina crassidens) 2-Madiria cockroach (Nauphoeta cinerea) 3-Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa) 4-Pancake Slug (Veronicella sloanei) 5-Flag Tailed Centipede (Alipes grandidieri) 6-New Guinea stick insect (Eurycantha calcarata) 7-Emerald fruit beetle (Smagdethnes africana oertzeni)

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